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La Luce – The Light

The Light that heaven could not contain has become weak and fragile like one of us. He has come to teach us that love is everything, and true love gives live, overcoming fear of hatred and death. But today is the moment of tenderness.
The children who up to a short time ago were in the streets of Kibera, and that this night are with us at Kivuli, are for us, wounded healers, the most luminous sign that God loves us, is with us, offers us his tenderness, his love, looks in our eyes and tells us “I love you”.
That all may have their hearts warmed by his voice.

Foto Natale 016

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  1. don Tommaso says:

    Mi manca molto di sentire la tua voce, magari attraverso questo tuo blog che non parla più da Natale
    don Tommaso

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