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Koinonia websites, see a list to the left, are getting richer in news and also in short videos. See for instance the one of The Invisible Cities. We hope to be able to continue regularly this updating job.

Instead I have to admit that I have no time to join social networks like Facebook. I continuously receive invitations to join, but I have decided to cancel them even without answering, since just answering in the negative but in a personal way would occupy quite a lot of my time and energy. Please do not take offense!

A person who has visited me a year ago writes: Do not be afraid! Peace of mind and happiness are close to you. It is in the eyes of your children. When you go back every evening in Kivuli, and they run to meet you, and to accompany you upstairs, their eyes speak of filial love, thankfulness, confidence. It is in them hat you have to find he peace and happiness to continue, in their eyes.

I have always taught that to hide behind anonymity is one of the most stupid and dastard things that a person could do. Recently anonymous emails and sms have played an important role in my life, but especially in the lives of the youngsters who have refused to testify against me and have received for weeks and weeks threatening anonymous messages. To the contrary I have appreciated those who at least had the courage to criticize and maybe to accuse me falsely, but openly, in public.
I have asked to a friend journalist his opinion about publishing an anonymous and very negative comment to this blog. His answer: “Those who do anonymous accusations are worms, they do not deserve the satisfaction of a public answer. Now there are people who use the web like in the past they were using the walls of public latrines”. Agreed!

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