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Chi Vuole la Violenza? – Who Wants Violence?

The day before yesterday in Jos (Nigeria), once again a murderous violence has been unleashed against Christians by some Muslim fanatics. Rarely a Sunday passes without the news that in Kenya or Nigeria some Chrisitans were attacked and killed. I also noted with disappointment that to find this news – at least 37 people killed, they say – in the website of the BBC you have to go to the local African page. The killing of thirty-seven people because they are Christians is no longer worth the front page.

In response to these massacres, the bishops of Nigeria and Kenya, in addition to expressing their horror for the facts and offering their condolences, repeat a message that says more or less: “There no war of religion. It is religion, in this case Islam, that is improperly used for political or terrorist purposes”.
They are right to say it, because it’s true, and the bishops, as well as all of us, have a responsibility to prevent that the plans of those who want to incite the two communities against each other find any support.

The daily experience in Kenya is of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians, perhaps with some occasional tension on minor issues, and often there is cooperation to solve common problems. In Kibera our Mdugu Mdogo house is situated in an area of Muslim majority, and we are sure we can always count on their cooperation and protection. For the Muslim families living close to us to throw grenades into a church is unthinkable.

But our bishops should demand that Muslim leaders disavow violence in a loud, clear, unequivocal way. It is not enough for them to make statements distancing themselves from these horrific events. They must make very public and very visible gestures, involving a large number of the faithful (a day of prayer? A rally? Is up to them) to indicate a mobilization of the entire Muslim community against terrorism and against the use of all forms of violence. It not reasonable that the day after he said the government must “crack down” on those responsible for these criminal acts, the president of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim (Supkem) protests because the proposed new law against terrorism “is discriminatory and focuses on the Muslim community” “, which is absolutely not true. The message that reaches the Muslims community, especially those who have Islamist ideological temptations, and are young, without work and without money, is too confusing.

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  1. Michele La Rosa says:

    Ciao Kizito,

    spero comprenderai il mio commento. In Nigeria ci sono stato per lavoro nel settore Petrolifero a Port Harcurt e Lagos, capitali petrolifere. La Nigeria è un pozzo senza fondo di risorse naturali e come descritto bene dal libro di cui Amani si è fatta promotrice “L’Ultimo Milliardo”, questa infinita riserva di Petrolio ne è la condanna. La corruzione e gli interessi delle multinazionali tra cui quella italiana ENI, ma le peggiori sono Total e Shell, mantengono il paese in uno stato di tensione, in perenne impossibilità di crescita sociale e democratica, di uno sviluppo economico che la ponga in concorrenza con gli interessi occidentali. I dirigenti di queste aziende, parlo in particolare di ENI, sono legati alla Chiesa, o almeno si spacciano per Cattolici, Evangelici, Cristiani. Addirittura Saipem finanzia un monastero a Lagos “Mater Ecclesiae” gestito da una suora ex avvocato di Napoli ex membro probabilmente dell’Opus Dei, avendo tra le icone in bella vista “Josè Maria” il loro fondatore. Hanno ricevuto subito un bel berretto Papale in omaggio, insieme ai soldi della multinazionale del Petrolio. Saipem è stata condannata per la corruzione del Governo Nigeriano, non solo, ha anche devastato il delta del Niger in una condizione peggiore del Golfo del Messico, insieme alle multinazionali clienti con cui opera. Eppure, tutti tacciono. Eppure nessuno si scandalizza. Eppure quando si parla di Nigeria l’argomento petrolio è vietato. Eppure sono sempre Mussulmani che uccidono e Cristiani che muoiono…. e le violenze, le devastazioni, le ruberie per il petrolio inesistenti. Almeno voi che dovreste sapere quello che succede, condannate la violenza, ma parlate anche di giustizia, di quella giustizia che la Nigeria si merita, che la gente Nigeriana si merita.

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