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Colloqui di Pace in Uganda

Uganda Peace Talks

A journalist has asked me a question on the Uganda situation. Here are the question and my answer:

Q. Do you think the Uganda peace talks can still be salvaged? If so, what should the Ugandan government, the international community and the LRA do to save the talks from total collapse?

A. Certainly the international community must do its best to end once and for all the suffering of the people of northern Uganda. Yet, it might be better to find a way to restart the talks, and to do it quickly.

The present LRA delegation to the talks is completely disqualified. They do not really represent the LRA, some of the member are almost certainly an infiltration from the Ugandan government. It is easy to imagine that even if they sign an agreement it will not hold.

Kony’s military power is at its lowest level, but there are people who are reorganizing and the great danger is that when a treaty with Kony and LRA is signed, some other rebel organization will spring up. These rebels will most probably not have any visionary motivation, like Kong, but will have a no-nonsense approach, and will be more focused on the rights of the Acholi, at lest as some Acholi perceive them. This makes very important to reach an agreement soon, an agreement that will take into consideration the grievances of the Acholi, to avoid that the dissatisfaction will express itself again with an armed rebellion. Thinking that defeating the LRA military and would be the end of the story could be a dangerous delusion.

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  1. laura valsecchi says:

    Bentornato Padre Kizito carissimo!

    Ti ho mandato una mail con la documentazione che utilizzerei. Quando hai tempo.
    Un grande abbraccio anche da Roberto dispiaciutissimo di non essere stato presente.

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