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March 30th, 2009:

Quando non si vuol capire – When one does not want to understand

The Italian weekly Famiglia Cristiana writes: “Confrontng Aids only with the distribution of preservatives, condemns to death 22 and a half million Africans who already have Aids. It is a minimal solution that hides the interests of multinationals, Governments and NGOs. To distribute preservatives – say African health workers and associations – hinders a serious reflection on sexuality, sexual violence and the dignity of women. Obviously, for those who have halved aid to development and cooperation, things are well as they are.”
Words that I underwrite one by one, as I underwrite the document that comes from Uganda, found at the link indicated here below.
Yet, we cannot avoid to ask ourselves: the abysmal ignorance on the causes and consequences of Aids in Africa demonstrated by the European politician and commentators when they have rejected the words of Benedict XVI during his African tour ten days ago, is only pure ignorance or also bad faith?



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