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Traffico di Persone Umane – Human Traficking

The Nairobi newspaper Daily Nation, today published two pages on the problem of trafficking and exploitation of people. The main story is inspired and broadly refers to a study done by a Koinonia service, KARDS (Koinonia Advisory and Research Services).
KARDS, started and always led by Richard Muko, has been operating for some years doing research on exclusion and exploitation of the poor. Always with commendable but little recognized commitment, and great quality.
You can find an abbreviated version of the article on the website of Nation, at http://www.nation.co.ke/magazines/Sold 20into%%% 20slavery 20/-/1190/973528/-/item/0/- / 835i7z/-/index.html


  1. Richard Muko says:

    Padre Kizito,


    THANKS a million for this kind comment about KARDS. I have just seen it for the first time and it humbles me that you appreciate our work. I pray that God helps us to do even more. This mention in your blog is too great for me to explain. You too are a father to many people.. despite many tribulations your energies are an inspiration.

  2. On behalf of KARDS family we are so greatfull that our work is coming to a realization and appreciation by many. I know we still have a lot to do for the humble and the lowly in Anfrica. May our energies be renewed day by day.

  3. Sam MWangi says:

    As Consolation We are humbled. Our small efforts never thought had big impacts, this post inspires us and uplifts our spirits..long live everyone who are involved.

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