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September 1st, 2010:

Qualche Aggiornamento – Some Updates

Philip Emase, who worked with us for nearly three years as Head of Communications has just left to Accra, Ghana, to work for an important Pan-African NGO. Philip was completing the training period to become a member of Koinonia, and distance will not prevent him from continuing.

From today his place is taken by Eric Sande, who was also with us for almost three years. Eric is reactivating or starting new sites on the internet, where you can find information on the work of Koinonia. In addition to Koinonia Kenya, which remains for us our main website, where you’ll find more and more links to short videos, the most important changes are:

NewsFromAfrica is now updated at least three times a week, with important articles. It is in partnership with Afronline, that last month took more than a dozen articles from NewsFromAfrica. Eric is also preparing a new logo.

The website of The Invisible Cities, the structure that works with us in video production, has been reactivated.

To replace Africa Peace Point (APP) – created to work with Koinonia in peace projects and then gone on his own – we have initiated a new activity, called Koinonia Action for Peace (KAP). KAP, with assistance from the Centre Helder Camara of Milan, has started a six months program of education in children rights. You will find all information about this program at the site of KAP which should be ready by early next week.

Eric is also preparing the website of the Shalom Institute of Social Studies (SISS). I will have some other chnces to speak more about this initiative. For now just know that it offers a Certificate in Youth Studies, run jointly with the Tangaza College. The certificate should continue with a diploma and finally, after three years of study, a college degree. Before having SISS website updated – at the momnt it is only a generica presentation – we must give at least 10 days to Eric.

Links to these sites are in the column on the left, even those not yeat operational as I write. operational.

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