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December 22nd, 2010:

Marcia per i Diritti dei Bambini – March for Children’s Rights

During the last year Koinonia in Nairobi has organized major events, but I was not able to keep my frinds updated. Now I look backwards, starting with the last event, the March for Children’s Rights, we have had in Kibera last Saturday, December 11.

The march was the culmination of a long process that began last July. Our street educators have held more than two dozen workshops, involving also 200 educators from other NGOs, and over one thousand children. During the workshops have the educators have helped the children to reflect on their situation and their rights and duties, giving them a chance to express themselves through drawing, acting and singing. The march, which went through Kibera from end to end and which saw the participation of nearly two thousand children and young people, was then only the final act.

The funding we received from the Cariplo Foundation, through the intermediary of the Centre Helder Camara in Milan, also allowed us to update the website that lists all the communities, parishes, organizations that make interventions in favor of street children in Nairobi, and to produce a video, which should be available later this month.
On this occasion we created a new entity, KAP (Koinonia Action for Peace), with a beautiful logo – the logo of Koinonia overimposed on the colors of the rainbow. Next year we would like to make this an ongoing process of education to the rigths of the children not only in Kibera but Riruta, Kawangware, Nkaimurunia, beginning as early as January.

We say that the march is for the rights of children, but we always teach about dities too. For instance “you have the right to eat, but you also have the duty not to waste food and share it when it s too much… ” Children understand this immediately, and feel responsible. An example are the two litlle brothers in the picture below who have made all the march hand in hand, the smallest with a hand over his heart as a sign of commitment and responsibility.

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