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December 25th, 2010:

Miracolo a Natale – Christmas Miracle

G ***** is one of the boys who in June of last year accused me of abuses. In live TV, a skit organized by those who had accused me earlier, the KTN television station and his mother. Yes, his mother, blinded by promises of wealth, perhaps hoping to be able to escape from a dreary life. G***** had failed to resist her psychological pressure. He had always loved her despite knowing the kind of life she lived. After all, she had given him birth and brought him up. And the father is unknown to him.

A week later, gripped by remorse, G***** went to tell the police everything, how he was pressurized and how he had been instructed in the finest details on what to say. After about six months he found the courage to seek me out and apologize. But he did not had the courage to go back to visit Kivuli. He feared that his friends of long ago would have insulted him and kicked him out. The mother had moved, and he had changed schools, going to a boarding school fifty kilometers from Nairobi. During the holidays he was coming to visit me, always speaking of his desire to come to make peace with his old friends in Kivuli, but then never found the courage to do it.

Last July G ***** turned 18. Late last night, just minutes before we started celebration of the Nativity Mass, he arrived by surprise at the gate of Kivuli. In the beginning he was a little afraid, then he only found friendly and smiling faces, and in no time took his place among the others. All were kind and simple with him, as if they had seen him the day before. He sat down for Christmas dinner – rice and boiled potatoes, beef stew, ending with the cheapest supermarket cakes cut in half and filled with jam – and then went to sleep in his old dorm.
This morning, when I got into early action to go to celebrate Mass with the children in Kibera, G***** was alone, sitting on a concrete bench just outside the door of the dispensary. He looked serious and thoughtful, and without emphasis, with simplicity, he said “Kivuli is the most beautiful place I have ever known”

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